The acronym BA means something

You take 20kgs of black to a tango festival

You don't say sorry when dancing - you gracefully dance through your mistakes

Your tango music collection outweighs your Salsa collection

You travel half way around the world to buy shoes

You practice your ochos in the kitchen at work

Your name your pet after a tango move - OCHO!

The world is divided into two types of people: those who tango... and those who don't

The close embrace doesn't make you panic

You arrange dinners with friends so they don't clash with lessons and milongas

You renovate your house to include wooden floors

You've given up on taking notes... and you can't understand your previous notes anyway

Every space is assessed as a dance space

You permanently keep mints and a pair of tango dance shoes in your car.

You wish you'd started tango when you were 10

Your life is divided into 'pre-tango' and 'post-tango'

You base you next holiday location on a tango festival

You have started to form new tango moves without lessons - and think you are a genius for it

You think dancing with a martyr's smile on your face is acceptable

The word 'connection' takes on a mystical tone

The word 'sacada' does not mean an 'unbearably loud insect'

You've experienced more intimacy in a dance than your long term relationships

You practice the 'tango walk' on the street

You truly believe that a man and a woman can touch chest to breast in an 'innocent' manner

You have more tango shoes than 'real-life' shoes.

The worst type of injury isn't heart failure, but twisting your ankle

You have a strong position on Tango Neuvo, on Milonguero, on Salon

You suddenly realize all the people you know are at the milonga

You're depressed because the milonga was cancelled

You're elated because you've finally cracked 'that move'

You actually know who Carlos Gardel is

You cry in the toilets because you haven't had a good dance yet

You create your seventh tango web site (true story!)

Your children catch you working on your weight shifts in the supermarket and say “Stop doing tango its embarrassing!” (thanks Frank from ChCh)

If you have anymore pearlers - feel free to email them to me.


Tango Addict  - some of these are my own and some are not!