About Anne-Maree and Pilates

I have been a tango teacher for the past 25 years and more recently a certified Mat and Reformer Pilates teacher from Sarah Lyford from Pilates Machineworks after many years of my own pilates practice.  It just seemed like the next logical step to be able to offer functional movement classes to dancers and non-dancers.  As we age it is very important to stay mobile, stay connected to and continue to strengthen and align our bodies.

I look forward to sharing my love of pilates with you in my beautiful home studio in Richmond.

How can Pilates help you? 

The main goal of Pilates is to strengthen the abdominals (core), improve posture, stabilize and elongate the spine and develop balance and overall strength using your breath and mind body connection,

no exercises are performed without thought and proper alignment. There are six key principles of Pilates: concentration, control, centering, breathing, flow and precision which are highlighted in every class. Pilates is a challenging low impact exercise method that balances strength with mobility, aligns the body, fine-tunes movement patterns, and strengthens the deeper muscles of the core.  Pilates trains your body as an integrated whole, enhances body awareness and can improve your stress levels and mood  - all a bonus!

Pilates will also improve your movement in a graceful way.

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